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BERNETTO IC VE DIS TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI Building, Ceramic, Sanitaryware, Fitting, Pipe, Construction, Faucets, Shower Bathtubs
CLEONORM DIS TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI Wooden door, Wooden frame, Hotel furniture, Carpet, Curtain, Headboard, Artwork, Door hardware
BURMAS YAPI MALZEMELERI GIDA INSAAT TAAHHUT SANAYI TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI taps, valves, pipes, boiler shells, vats, ceramic, ceramic sinks, wash basins
BAKIS PVC VE YAPI ELEMANLARI MOBILYA INSAAT NAKLIYAT SANAYI VE TICARET ANONIM SIRKETI cabinet doors, panel products, panels, kitchen cabinet doors, kitchen panels, membrane cabinet doors, acrylic cabinet doors, acrylic panels
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Evdemo Home Design was established in early 2015 to produce home furniture products suitable for the modern age, and its history goes back half a century. The Evdemo brand has been growing day by day thanks to the positive comments made by its customers and the intense interest in products where price and quality are prioritized.
Siba Trade is established by Mr Burcin SALTIK, Wood Production Industry Engineer with an MSc (Master of Science). Siba Trade sells their products at the same time as giving consulting some of the outstanding brands in the portfolio. Examples of such products wooden doors, steel doors, home furniture, kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, wood panels (high gloss), interior design and decoration, hardware accessories for the white goods industry. In addition to Siba Trade, Mr Burcin Saltik also provides expert-witness reports, capacity reports and heat treatment reports (quarantine in foreign trade) for wood production, furniture and yacht manufacturing industries.
We strive for quality service and unconditional customer satisfaction, We continue to be the pioneer of the firsts in the sector with the largest door production facilities in Turkey and the Middle East and the second largest door production facilities in Europe. In our 40,000 m2 closed production facility, we always work for the economy of our country and region! The steps we will take from past to present and future under the roof of doors, cabinet doors and panels "always together STRONG! ‘’PROMISE OF BAKIS’’ We are excited to start a brand new era with its motto. BAKIS brand, which started the production of membrane covers in 2004, has made a great innovation that will dominate the whole sector by producing the FIRST and ONLY 210cm x 280cm ACRYLIC PANELS in the WORLD in 2020. We dedicate the pride of our great investments and years of R&D work to all of us. We would like to thank the millions of families who took us into their homes and preferred BAKIS products, our esteemed dealers who worked tirelessly, and all the furniture manufacturers who honored us with their hand work, ALWAYS STRONG and ALWAYS FORWARD TOGETHER! · In 2004, we have started to produce Membrane Cabinet Doors. · In 2009, we have started to produce Acrylic Cabinet Doors and Panel · In 2010, we increased the production plant to 10.000 m² with new factory. · In 2012, we started production of Extra anti-scratch Acrylic Cabinet Door and Panel · In 2014, we opened our panel and door factory of 30.000 m² · In 2015, we started production with the highest capacity door factory in Turkey, and with this production, we became the company that uses natural wood textured surfaces at the door for the first time · In 2016, we started to produce High Gloss (B.H.G.) panel. At the last quarter · in 2016, we started to produce UV lacquer Panel with brand Bakis Gloss (B.G.) Our primary aim with the brand of BAKIS is to ensure that quality products are accessible to everyone with a quality service approach. OUR MISSION To be a company that creates value for our employees and customers as the first choice of customers with our products, solutions, reliability and high work ethic that we provide with our after-sales services. OUR VISION To be the locomotive of the sector by continuing to be the best in Turkey in all the services we provide.
Bernetto Ic ve Dis Tic. Ltd. Sti. was established in 2017 and is growing rapidly every day thanks to the honest and devoted work of its successful staff who have gained experience in construction, bathroom equipment and foreign trade for a long time. Taking firm steps towards institutionalization, our company also demonstrates its effort to become a versatile company by serving in different sectors.
As UBM Plastik we manufacture and supply hardwares, fittings, pvc accessories, aluminum accessories, construction materials, showers, shower screens, shower trays, bathroom accessories, plastic vents, hardware guns, window accessories, flynets, flynet accessories, hardware, fitting, pvc accessory, aluminum accessory, construction material, shower, shower screen, shower tray, bathroom accessory, plastic vent, hardware gun, window accessory, flynet, flynet accessory, shower screen accessories, overflows, shower screen handles, shower screen bearings, overflows with joint, shower overflows, epoxy guns, silicone guns, air guns, glass wedge chocks, glass shovels, glass vents, screening spline rollers, security latches, ventilation latches, utility knives, window handles, corner chocks, screening locks, screening handles, screening hinges, screening binder pads, corner support chocks, mullion connectors, screening handles on mesh, screening holders ring base, shower screen accessory, overflow, shower screen handle, shower screen bearing, overflow with joint, shower overflow, epoxy gun, silicone gun, air gun, glass wedge chock, glass shovel, glass vent, screening spline roller, security latch, ventilation latch, utility knife... UBM which was established in 1994; has been a company aiming one step forward in the sector by the continual growing stucture. UBM has kept its position in the sector with its new patented products that have ISO 9001 -2000, TSE and other certificates. By brands of Airvent UBM developed in 2000. It has contributed much to both country economy and its own stucture by boing active in foreign and domestic trade. Our company started to manufacturing showers, bathtubs, shower trays, shower cabinets as UBMBATH brand in 2016. UBM priority is customer satisfaction and delivery of customer demand on time. It has always been in effort to serve in the best way by high product quality and investments of research development From PVC accessories to aluminium accessories and hardware sector. UBM that is capable to make all accessories and bathroom products to be used in manufacturing wholesale will keep serving all its customers. Completed in 2014; our faciSty in an 6000 m’- indoor space is built on an 11000m’ area.
Our company OSMANLI MUTFAK MOBILYA KAPI SANAYI TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI is engaged in the production and export activities in Turkey, is exporting the product groups listed below. We are among the major supplier companies in Turkey and leading a Turkish company that can offer you the best price and optimum quality. Our company OSMANLI MUTFAK MOBILYA, a member of TurkishExporter, is engaged in production and trade in Turkey. Made in Turkey products we are supplying are as follows: Furniture Turkey Interior door Turkey Door Turkey. Please fill in the RFQ form inside this page to get a quote from us. We will reply to you with our best price offer shortly.
DONAU products, which were produced in Istanbul in 1975 on an area of 40 m2, are produced in integrated production facilities in Istanbul Selimpasa as of 2011. Completely closed 2000m2 administrative
It develops solutions that offer design, project, construction, production, installation and service processes to its customers. Its structure and single interlocutory organization providing all turn-key products and services is a preferred form of work for its customers. The project also strengthens this structure through partner companies. CLEONORM works with an integrated system covering all units and functions from survey to assembly, from purchase to accounting. The related units can input data related to their own units at every stage of the project and all other units can benefit from the system both in terms of job tracking and auditing. The manager of each project follows all stages of the project as the customer's eyes in design and implementation and makes reports in the frequency and detail required by the customer. To increase productivity with a customer-specific approach by working in a manner appropriate to the structure and culture of each institution, to enable organizations to build more efficient structures and to achieve concrete outputs. Providing a service with a professional and innovative approach. Establishing sustainable relationships based on trust. Developing permanent and effective solutions for institutions. Approaching with a responsive and customized perspective. Giving acceleration to the institution on its growth path by developing efficient and concrete processes.
All In One Place: Facuets, Mixers, Bath Accessories, Shower Sets, Toilet Seats, WashBasins, Siphones and Shower Channels, Shower Cabinets, Bathroom Cabinet, Valves and Taps.
It was established in 2021 by HANMACH DANISMANLIK DIS TICARET ANONIM SIRKETI in order to offer the highest quality products to the consumers at the most affordable prices in the field of hotel supplies. Since 2019, we have been designing and manufacturing wooden furniture for housing projects, hotels and schools. As myhotelconcept, we are always with you, our valued hotel investors. Our desire to be a sought-after company in the world in the manufacture and supply of products needed in all hotel rooms and other parts is at the highest level. Our company, located in the city of Kayseri in Turkey, always gives the satisfaction of its customers, Our company, which wants to grow with our valued customers, invites you to experience this excitement together.
Producing kitchens, bathrooms, doors, accessories and decoration products with full automation and CNC machine park in its 17,000 square-meter factory in Efeler District of Aydin, The More is an Orge Grup A.Ş. Company. In 2019, Orge Group introduced The More brand with its name, slogan and unique concept as a result of an intense and exciting endeavor in line with its increasing power, 36 years of experience in the industry, its desire and vision for globalizing. The More is the only leading brand that combines the production of kitchen, bathroom, door and cloakroom products under a single roof, offering more services and more products.
The family of Ugur Interior Architecture was founded with the dream of the thoughts interspersed with seeds at a young age. This step was combined with the training received in the vocational discipli